Events TaylorMade

Events about the Love, NOT the budget

Events TaylorMade  = planning weddings about LOVE, not the size of your budget!

We are a family owned & operated company located in the beautiful Huntington Beach (aka Surf City), CA. We started out planning and coordinating weddings 30-something years ago. After much encouragement from our daughters, we officially formed Events TaylorMade in 2009. We operated on the belief that EVERY bride deserves the wedding of her dreams, regardless of the size of her budget! We also believe that Love is Love and as such welcome same sex couples.  In 2010 we introduced Florals to the offerings along with our planning, coordination and rentals. We quickly realized that it's not just weddings that have gotten so darn expensive, but also special birthday parties - be it a Quincenera, Sweet 16 or even a special Silver or Gold Anniversary!

Based solely on the concept of "paying it forward" our founder and creator, Erin Taylor, began searching, gathering and purchasing items for the last 6 years - with the goal of having them available for anyone who needs them for their event. Quite literally EVERYTHING we do is to help you, our customer, create the budget friendly events you want, well within the budget you have!

Pioneering something so unique as we are has not been without challenges - that's for sure! We've been laughed at by fellow vendors, impersonated, had several folks even try to 'take us down' LOL.... but ultimately the greatest compliment is others emulating our concept, personalizing it to fit their needs and vision. That's what it's all about - not competition of any sort - after all, what we're trying to do is revolutionize weddings and events for those who've got less than 30k (sometimes way less) and get them back to something that's not only beautiful and customized and unique, but affordable. May I repeat - AFFORDABLE!

Starting from a dream, through many many diverse situations, we have been honored to have been part of over 450 weddings!! As the economy evolves, we as a company also continue to evolve our services to bring you the wedding you have dreamed of - within the budget you have! We proudly offer wedding flowers, and will officially open our wedding chapel September 1, 2016 - we celebrate LOVE and want to celebrate with you!

Within the event industry, several wonderful colleagues have joined in partnership, donating items not used or sold - left behind by clients - or bought and discovered they were not needed.  Additionally, clients have donated items when they learned of our Pay-It-Forward concept.

Kelly Gazich, Office Manager

Kelly Gazich

Kelly jumped in when things got crazy busy and has fallen victim to the addiction of wonderful events. Not only is she a great floral designer despite being crazy allergic, but she has become my right hand and keeps me sane (I won't say personal assistant as that's a gross understatement). She's recently ordained, so she will also be marrying couples in our new chapel!

Founder, Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor

Erin founded Events TaylorMade in 2009 with the help of her FIVE daughters. Ordained in 2010,  she is also a very proud military wife, and as such there is a special place in our hearts for those who are currently serving or have served in our military. We feel it is our purpose and mission to do everything we can to support them! PLEASE ask about our generous military discount!!