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Events about the Love, NOT the budget

Within the wedding industry, people often ask me why I do what I do - seems a simple enough question, a person would have to be out of their mind to give freely of themselves and their possessions to random strangers time and time again, right?  I know - I hear it all the time! 

Here's my thoughts.... I'm an ordained minister. I'd not consider myself to be deeply religious BUT I very much believe in God, and His powers - I often refer to it as "Pixie Dust" but we all know it's prayer and belief and faith in others. When we help our Angel Brides - it's not just $100 or $200 worth of stuff. Its anything and everything we have that they'd like to use. At no cost (well a hug). We ask only 3 things:

  1) That they treat our items as if they were theirs

  2) Return it the way you got it - clean and ready to use

  3) If you bought stuff for your wedding, consider donating something back so the next bride has a few more things to choose from.

I believe in doing unto others as you'd have done to you. (or however it goes). I believe VERY strongly in paying it forward - I want to leave the world a better place than it was before me. Now, some would say it's an ego that I say - no, I do it for the people NOT the press. Although press would be nice, and allow us to receive more donations that would and could help more people - it's most definitely not why I do it.

THEN WHY?? - it is simply to help a bride have a wedding she thought was not possible. Of course, anyone can get married in a court house (or now at our NEW CHAPEL) or anywhere with an ordained minister or certified officiant. BUT, to be able to have a wedding like they once dreamed of? Giving - without expectation of anything in return...... seeing a smile on my brides face, realizing that the dream is becoming a reality. The look of relief and sometimes even joy!

That's the why - and until the last breath leaves my body and my soul leaves this earth - I will continue to open my arms and closet to any and all that need my help.