Ever After

by Events TaylorMade

Within the wedding industry, people often ask me why I do what I do - seems a simple enough question, a person would have to be out of their mind to give freely of themselves and their possessions to random strangers time and time again, right?  I know - I hear it all the time! 

Here's my thoughts.... I'm an ordained minister. I'd not consider myself to be deeply religious BUT I very much believe in God, and His powers - I often refer to it as "Pixie Dust" but we all know it's prayer and belief and faith in others. When we help our Angel Brides - it's not just $100 or $200 worth of stuff. Its anything and everything we have that they'd like to use. At no cost (well a hug). We ask only 3 things:

  1) That they treat our items as if they were theirs

  2) Return it the way you got it - clean and ready to use

  3) If you bought stuff for your wedding, consider donating something back so the next bride has a few more things to choose from.

I believe in doing unto others as you'd have done to you (or however it goes). I believe VERY strongly in paying it forward - I want to leave the world a better place than it was before me. Now, some would say it's an ego thing.....to that I say - no, I do it for the people NOT the press. Although press would be nice, and allow us to receive more donations that would and could help more people - it's most definitely not why I do it. 

THEN WHY?? - it is simply to help a bride have a wedding she thought was not possible. Of course, anyone can get married in a court house  or anywhere with an ordained minister or certified officiant. BUT, to be able to have a wedding like they once dreamed of? Giving - without expectation of anything in return...... seeing a smile on my brides face, realizing that the dream is becoming a reality. The look of relief and sometimes even joy!

That's the why - and until the last breath leaves my body and my soul leaves this earth - I will continue to open my arms and closet to any and all that need my help.

How can Angel Brides help YOU???  If you need our help, please reach out to us! We would be honored to help in any way we can! We now have THREE new Angel Bride Closet Keepers to help brides all over Southern California!  To see what we've been currently doing, please see our Facebook page by clicking here.