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Our First Bridal Show...original post from 11/03/14

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 12:30 AM

Posted on Monday, November 03, 2014 3:25 AM

We had the opportunity to take part in a bridal show yesterday - put on by Bridal Showplace. They are an amazing company that puts on a great, highly attended show. Yesterday was at the Hilton Pasadena - and it was the David Tutera Show. This is where brides have the opportunity to attend a seminar, meet and greet and photo session with him. We felt this was the perfect show to introduce ourselves on a grand scale.


We arrived and set up with the usual style - other vendors looking at us with the 'what exactly do you do? And then the standard sneers of 'well you won't be very busy'..... well jokes on them. We had so many "EF Hutton" moments - (you'll know who this is if you're over 40) We had a very large corner booth and stopped traffic on multiple occations.


Because we are a NOT FOR PROFIT Company, we need to make sure that any advertising we do yields a pretty high ROI. We felt that this would be the perfect show to participate in and as such we went all in, and sponsored the David Tutera Event. We are SO GLAD we did!!!


Besides meeting and greeting, shaking hands and talking about our program with hundreds of brides and families - we meet many fellow colleagues, planners, coordinators and other vendors who are thrilled about what we do!


And at 2:30 I decided to go get in line for the Meet and Greet - as a sponsor we were allowed one person from our Company to attend, get an autographed copy of the book and have our photo taken with Mr.Tutera.



I walked over with Ann from Bridal Showplace - she informed me he's still in session and pushed me into the room so I could watch and take part in that as well. When it was finishing up I stepped outside into the line of 5 that quickly swelled to hundreds as the others left the seminar. I suddenly felt her arm in mind and was told "uhm, you're not waiting in any line - you sponsored this event." and I was taken to the door. Yes, this old lady was the first in line book in hand to meet and greet Mr. David Tutera! I showed him my logo on the step and repeat and he thought it was pretty cool, thanked me for sponsoring the event.


When I got home I already had THREE emails from people I talked to at the event following up.


It was an amazing day!!


Thank you all for stopping by, saying hello and helping us introduce Our Wedding Closet to the world!

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